Dr. Patrick Sheehy
Oncologist / Hemotologist
Treating the full spectrum of
cancer and blood diseases.
1401 Avocado #903
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 640 8620






Mission Statement



Welcome to the home page of my Medical Oncology/ Hematology/ Internal Medical practice. I am one of the most experienced cancer and blood specalist in this county and have been here at Hoag Hospital for many years.


My philosophy is to treat every patient as a unique individual with a unique problem. I am always flattered that patients choose me to be their specalist and to entrust in me to find the cause of what ails them and then cure, if possible, and if not to properly manage the disease from which they suffer.

It always excites me to be challenged to diagnose a difficult medical problem and then treat it later. Since we have many more modalitites with which to treat disease now, the practice of medicine has become a joy, a passion and an excitement. 

When I get the opportunity to meet, greet and try to solve your problem, I can assure you that you will get my undivided attention.